RAW BEAUTY 6-6.25″ WHITE Sheep-Horn Comb -a Stimulating Scritcher-Comber type of Comb SCRITCHERS® BY LONGHAIRS® HAIRGASM®



Raw Beauty 6-6.25″ Longhairs® White Sheeps Horn Scalp-Rub n Comber Stimulator

As fine-tined as a Longhairs® “Scalp Stimulating ScritcherTM.” In our experience, the energy on this model’s energy is more intense because the horny layer acting as a vibes-reflector. The tines on both sizes of Raw Beauty are honed differently that other combs, you will find, as well. Some are deeper than others please specify if your hair texture is fine:-)

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1X thickness, 2X thickness, 3X thickness, Fancy, Slender