Genuine Sheeps and Ox Horn Combs

Medium-Tooth Smoothers for Scalp Stimulating and for Strands Combing

This section contains Medium-Tined Hair Combs designed especially for dry-use or oil-use, pre-scalp-ScritchingTM; scalp rubbing; and for smooth combing of your hair strands. 6-8 TPI’s (Tines-per-Inch). With zero-drag functionality, these combs add shine, add strength, de-dust and help fortify your hair. These combs will also increase circulation to your scalp, leading to better, stronger growth. MMMMM, LOVE the FEELING!! Longhairs® Horn CombsTM are all lovingly hand-crafted to LMLonghairs specs by our own 107 year old horn carver. They are specially designed for our use.