Thank you for support of our business.. Buy your Horn Combs from us. Our unique horncomb products are ethically treated free-range, Non-Salts electrolyte and custom super-silica springwater no-gmo feed fresh diet fed. Live and naturally harvested.

Not cheap but the very best.

HOW TO DO THE OFFICIAL LML method   LMLonghairs official therapeutic Longhairs® Hairgasm® Scritcher™ method with our Official brand of Sheeps horn or Ox horn combs are 100% cruelty-free, and collected humanely because they are shed. Handcrafted. All sizes Scritcher™ Black Ox or White Sheeps Horn provided are from a special breed of sheep who are fed our special Non-Salts nutrients. Each horn comb is unique in many ways: some are slim and bouncy, most are curvy, and others are really thick and fat or chunky. We mail these with care, everywhere.


Longhairs® Hairgasm® horn combs are very special because they:

  • are zero-drag – not damaging to long and sensitive hair.

  • stimulate scalp and hairs.

  • cleanse the scalp.

  • unplug and treat follicles and hairs.

  • exfoliate dandruff, debris, and dead cells.

  • help prevent and improve thin areas, remedy hair loss.

  • add shine.

  • are a topical massage remedy for headaches.

  • maintain circulation, depositing rare nutrients protein and minerals, simply by rubbing.

  • are great for the stimulation and general combing of long hair and all lengths of hair.

Using Your Horn Comb

LMLonghairs advises that you use our special horn combs on ONLY dry hair or with our special scalp oils we’ve made for this purpose. Don’t bother trying to sub-in anything like a regular (any material) comb. Use it specifically as she directs, in a little scritching pattern on a 10 degree angle (very flat) for stimulating scalp, depositing nutrients and minerals, and for unplugging pores, strengthening roots and related muscles, cleaning off dead cells, for toning, circulation, and related problems including hormone issues, dry scalp, or controlling oil on oily scalps. Use on the scalp or hair, on a flat-ish angle, tines and base are rubbed on scalp in a sketchy motion twice daily.

Hold your horn comb like a you’re going to play ‘hairmonica’ (fingers not on tines). Hold with a bit more than a thumbnail’s distance from the head. Rub tines in a pushing-pulling, itchy-scritchy sized motion,forward and back, always ending at the crown no matter where you start. Practice this – no scrape-ing, no circling, no going sideways. Best results when used with our MagicPack, and only with Longhairs® special scalp oils; keep away from any other oils and use no essentials or jojoba (it will quite possibly ruin your horn comb).

Horn combs need a certain environment and are subject to natural flaws; they respond best belonging to a non-silicone-product line user, in a non-corrosive, dry, and controlled environment (much like our fingernails or wood). If you keep the conductivity right it will be good medicine for you and buzz your scalp for a very long time. Use it twice a day or they get a broken heart. Grown with care, for your hair, so use them. If you’ve collected almost all of them, use different ones in each session; the designs feel all different, so try them.

Remember: You need to do all 4 directions, in one-inch ‘orange segments’ ensuring you get all directions, and always ending scritchy strip at crown. 10 little scritches per strip. Repeat the whole pattern twice around (this is how each strip equals 20). See comic below for demonstration.

1. From front of forehead to crown about 3 strips 10 movements each.

2. From left temple  to crown about 3 strips 10 movements each.

3. From left side to crown about 3 strips 10 movements each.

4. From nape left to crown about 3 strips 10 movements each.

5. From right nape to crown about 3 strips 10 movements each.

6. From right side to crown about 3 strips 10 movements each.

7. From right temple to crown about 3 strips 10 movements each.

Oil scalp with #18 SOS Scalp Oil with fingers, then repeat comb-scritching and always oil with then wash with Longhairs® Hairgasm® products.

(This comic is for the fine-tined Longhairs® Scritcher™ combs, which are less than 5 inches and have the finest tines available.)