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Longhairs® Chillout Healing & Purifying Scalp & Skin Mist

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#27 Longhairs® Chillout Skin and Scalp Healing and Purifying Spray 2 oz

Enjoy this amazing healing and cooling spray anytime and anywhere on scalp, face or body to remove irritants and toxins, stop itchies and bacteria, and promote moist and balanced skin. Longhairs ® Chillout is the first herbal based spray with homeopathic properties; it has NO irritating isopryl alcohol or other toxic alcohol substitutes. Longhairs® Chillout promotes skin moisture and balancing. It helps to purify your skin, ridding it of silicone and other toxicity, and eliminating bacteria that can cause the itchies in places like your armpits, feet, and neck – anywhere! Smells citrusy when skin is finished purifying. (About a week).

Try Longhairs ® Chillout on your scalp after your regular #18 session, just before shampooing, or spray on scalp or nape on dry areas day or night. Longhairs® Chillout spray is not for hair itself, but for the skin. Spray freely all over your body – scalp, armpits, feet, neck – anywhere your skin is dry. Keep applying repeatedly till relief is achieved. Stops itching on anyone; will even sooth your four-legged pets’ hotspots!